Mythical Forests

Mythical Forests

Want some magic? Jump in the nature spirit dimension and follow the Mythical Forest Trail signs. Keep a close eye out for these feisty characters, they move pretty fast.

Gnome Home: The Cedar Forest area is the Gnome Home, deep, dark and rich smelling, this is where the Gnomes have their parties. Gong, the Leader Gnome sits on the round table under the cedars in the south Lodge yard protecting the Gnomes playground.


Unicorn Forest: Unicornicopia is the Unicorn Forest. In that Forest you’ll see taller trees, there’s more room for the unicorns to play. There’s black, white and rainbow striped unicorns. Rainbow striped flags adorn the trails there.


Centaur Center: The Centaurs like a little more altitude, they are higher up in the hardwood forest.  The play their flutes and fiddles near the future site of the Milo Farm Tree House.  If you are quiet, you may hear their music there!


Fairy Forest: Fairy Land is within the lighter, brighter oaks in the north part of the west forest.  They flutter between those trees so fast!  They love the fairy houses placed for them, you too can help build homeless fairies a dream home!


Elven Land:  Trek down deeper from the Fairy Forest into the Elven Land, connected to the Fairy Forest on the south side, you’ll feel that you definitely moved into a more serious dimension when the treescapes change form.  Elves hide high and low so look out of the corner of your eyes in all directions to catch a glimpse of one peering at you!


Dragons Den:  Rocks Drake, the Milo Farm Dragon, lives in the field near the burn pile past the Bunkhouse. He sometimes starts the burn pile on fire for us! He sleeps a lot, and sometimes flies over the land to protect it. He loves rocks, especially painted rocks. You can paint one to leave for him to enjoy, or paint a Milo Farm rock to take with you (or both). $10 each, rocks and paint/brushes provided.


Pan’s Crossing: Pan’s Crossing is a firepit gathering spot that joins the Fairy Forest trail with the Freedom Field trail.