Hippie Trailer


The Hippie Trailer is an art piece inspired by open minds, flower power, free-thinking, quantum geometry, Tree of life, solar system and World Peace and Love. Inside the trailer is a full sized bed and a twin bed, chairs, kitchen counter and glamping with AC, heat and electricity and peace tapestries! Trailer has a nice sized deck with table and chairs. Trailer spot is secluded near the West (Fairy) Forest, has its own firepit, chairs, and a great hammock spot. There is plenty of room to pitch a few tents around the trailer for additional campers! The composting outhouse is just to the south of the trailer. Peace Out! Be Free Here! Campers can swim from noon-6pm at The Lodge when the pool is open!

For Booking, Visit HERE: https://www.hipcamp.com/missouri/milo-farm-sacred-land/hippie-trailer