Make Art

Make Art

Nature Painting/Collage – We’ll take a short hike and gather leaves, twigs, acorns, etc so we can use them in our nature painting/collage. We’ll paint either in the Art Studio or out in the woods, then add nature elements to remind you of your time at Milo Farm. Or just paint a still life of a majestic tree in the forest that speaks to you. $30 each, comes with canvas to paint on and take home. Our paint & brushes can be used.



Fairy Houses – Build your favorite Fairy a house and then we’ll hike into the woods to find a perfect spot for it so you can visit it every time you come to Milo Farm. Some Fairy is going to make it her dream home! Or if you’d rather take your masterpiece home to put in your own garden for your fairies there, you can ! $20 each, all materials to make the Fairy Home are provided.





Dragons Den Rocks – Drake, the Milo Farm Dragon, lives in the field near the burn pile past the Bunkhouse. He sometimes starts the burn pile on fire for us! He sleeps a lot, and sometimes flies over the land to protect it. He loves rocks, especially painted rocks. You can paint one to leave for him to enjoy, or paint a Milo Farm rock to take with you (or both). $10 each, rocks and paint/brushes provided.





Aura Shirt & Jacket Painting – Loni’s favorite art medium is die and acrylic paint on fabric. Sign up to paint your favorite shirt or jacket with her. She has some patches you can put on your jacket or shirt as well. This is not just your typical tie dye (though we can do that too!), there are many techniques for painting fabric you may not be aware of.





Tie Dye – Create wearable art! Tie Dye classes for dying and painting shirts, jackets, tapestries, etc! Lots of rubber bands and blue fingers involved. You’ll love to get to show off your piece of art. $20, you provide the shirt/jacket.