Mike & Loni


Mike & Loni are owners and stewarts of the land at Milo Farm. They are local Kansas City Entrepreneurs with 7 businesses put together. They are real estate investors, Mike has a construction business, Loni is a Real Estate Broker/Owner of Lotus Key Homes amongst other businesses. They purchased the land 5 years ago and decided to build and live there once the last child graduated high school. Great team-work created the vision and execution of the Milo Farm Estate. Mike can repair and build anything with great vision, he is a master craftsman. Loni has the big-picture creative side with the drive and motivation to plan and execute. They keep plotting future projects around Milo. Their goal is to make the farm a whimsical get-away to nature that inspires and enlightens everyone’s soul that visits.

loni and mike

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves”